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Sam Fox Extreme Adventures


Welcome to my travel diary!

Hi, I'm Sam Fox, come and explore my travel diary, from open ocean to deepest jungle, coming face to face with killer sharks, man eating leopards, raging tornadoes, erupting volcanoes, giant anacondas and much, much more. My travel adventures are played out at both home in Australia and around the world. Whether I'm on safari in Africa, or a research trip in South America adventure and danger manages to find me and my two best friends, Rikki and Josie, who are usually along for the ride, like it or not. The rest of the Fox family are inevitably always around to watch, including my younger twin brothers Harry and Jordan, younger sister April and older brother Nathan who has his own adventure travel company. This adventurous streak runs in my family. My mum is a wildlife photographer and dad is a travel writer. That’s how they met and that’s how I get to visit so many exotic international destinations. Come and explore the world with me!

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